Frequently Asked Questions

I built the tilted twister and I download the program but it is .RXE but i need .RBT or .RBTX. Can you help?

The files with extension .rxe are executables which should be downloadable to the brick using the lego mindstorms software:
Create a new project (File/New)
Press the button "NXT window"
Select the Memory tab
Press the download button

Can you tell me which cable goes where?

See the section Connections on the downloadpage

Are you going to make a version of sudoku solver for Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0 ?

No I'm not going to make a 2.0 version of the Sudoku solver.
The Sudoku solver isn't really that fun to play with anyway :) . It is very slow, and if it fails you have to start all over again.

What is the difference between the original Tilted Twister and Tilted Twister 2.0, besides the color sensor ?

There is a big difference between TT1 and TT2. The parts in the two LEGO Mindstorms set differ quite a bit. There are, for example, no turntable in LEGO Mindstorms 2.0.
So it was a big challenge to make a version of TT that could be built from the Mindstorms 2.0 set.
It turned out that TT2 is better in many ways compared to the original TT.

I've made the Sudoku solver exactly as the instructions say but when I test it, it always misses out one or two of the boxes on the first scan.

Be sure to align the robot with the sudoku.
Put the wheels in the squares.
Try to adjust the height of the light sensor.
Make sure you have printed the pdf with the right scale.

I would like to reuse your "free to download" source code and building instructions for my internal Lego NXT project. To eventually present the results at public events and exhibitions.

Feel free to use and modify the source code as you like.

Could you tell me where to get the rbt file? I searched your website but couldn't find it.

There are no rbt-files. It's programmed in nxc.

I have build TIlted Twister 2.0. But sometimes the cube doesn't tilt. It gets stuck on the turntable.

An easy improvement is to put a piece of scotch tape on the center of the turntable to minimize the risk of the cube to jam there.

I'm having problems with color resolving. The robot says Can't resolve colors.

Try to adjust the height position of the color sensor

Is there a way to convert .rxe to .rbt ?